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It is no longer enough for designers to produce wonderful designs to capture our attention. They have a responsibility to ensure their designs are both eco friendly, green and environmentally compliant.

Some corporate design consultants are only just waking up to the idea of repositioning themselves to embrace and deliver these green initiatives.

SMA design's own eco evolution started over 7 years ago, which leaves our consultancy uniquely positioned to support the client.

Our designers have researched and adopted the most advantageous new eco technologies and principles into our various designs.

At the same time SMA design has developed our own pioneering eco innovations some of which we have listed below:

Eco friendly design and printing can only be achieved by encouraging clients to choose these green and eco friendly solutions.

The use of electronic proofing PDF files for client approval (where possible) to keep paper out of the design equation until the last moment when final design proof must be seen on the correct media.

When the design goes to print use environmentally friendly inks, methodology and only use printers with low energy equipment. This combined to non toxic or recycled materials and totally chlorine free (TFC) stock makes for a sizable change to the design carbon footprint.

Exhibition stands designed to use environmentally friendly, responsibly sourced and recycled materials with low toxins. Designs that permit the simple adjustment of the stands construction for reuse rather than being destroyed after each event.

Retail design where visitor flows provide can provide a sustainable energy source which reduces the buildings carbon footprint and running cost.

From the very beginning our design team listens to the clients’ objectives. Our designers then put forward designs which balance their requirements with environmentally friendly measures. By using this process it allows our eco passionate designers to maintain a sustainable & renewable method of delivery.

By adopting simple cost effective eco friendly design. SMA design can help to reduce toxins, carbon foot print and energy consumption for many companies, organisations, charities and private clients.

This simple approach provides a “best value” green solution that delivers on client expectation. Plus reduces carbon foot print, saves valuable energy and is therefore kinder to the environment and planet.

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Due to our green ethics SMA design were approached by Alternative Fuels (RDF, Refuse Derived Fuel Company) to deliver a high quality and creative corporate branding solution

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